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Monday 30 January 2012

RAND - Israel and Iran

RAND Corporation has just released a new mongraph (free in PDF format) entitled: Israel and Iran - A Dangerous Rivalry. At 118 pages, it is a bit of a read. The authors, Dalia Dassa Kaye, Alireza Nader, Parisa Roshan, have presented another 'clue' to this puzzle we call the Middle East. However, the comparisons (again) are more than cautious, and attempt to 'retool' the Arab posture, calling a nuclear Iran 'a challenging perspective' as if it is their right as opposed to a privilege. To say the West needs to 'debate' on these policies, only reinforces the legitimacy of possession for nuclear, of course, under the guise of 'peaceful' usefulness, is not easily entertained. The Arab Spring has only reinforced the idealism and political doctrine of Iran, a few tottering regimes simply relabeled, a new improved, does not make. RAND Corp monograph 

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