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Wednesday 7 January 2015

ISIS Key Takeaway

Changes for January 7 update:  The area of Nebai is part of the system north of Baghdad and is part of the northern Baghdad belt. It is strategically located connecting the Thar Thar region of eastern Anbar, the northern Baghdad belt, and areas of southern Salah ad-Din. It has therefore been under watch by ISW for its potential to emerge as a flashpoint. ISIS enjoys freedom of movement in the area and uses it to launch attacks on Dujail, northeast of Nebai, and also likely to move manpower toward other areas of northern Baghdad. The area also has a presence by the Nujaba Movement, an Iraqi Shi'a militia backed by Iran, in addition to ISF. This overlapping presence has generated clashes in the past. On January 7, ISF and Popular Mobilization Units, which include Iraqi Shi'a militias, launched an operation to clear the area of ISIS. Therefore, ISW is changing the status of the area from under watch to contested. 

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