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Friday 23 January 2015

God's Unilateral Covenants

1. God spoke Hebrew.
2. He made 4 eternal and unchangeable promises.

The Church does play a big part in these 'later days' but Jesus is not going to abandon Israel, there is always a remnant. I am not Jewish...yet s'pppose here. 

I am of the Bride of Christ. All of you can be as well.  And you must be before the first judgement. That is the BEMA seat, Christians are judged for performance. The second, is the Great White Judgement, no Book of Life there. No arbitration.My friends, the last place you ever want to go. 

You disappointed, shot-up, and abandoned. As they ask me, their breath, is not yours, someday in time, we'll get a 'good parking spot'. God Bless.


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