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Thursday 15 January 2015

Security and Prosperity (from a document by David Cameron and Barack Obama)

I guess in wake of the slaughter of 17 unarmed, French civilians, someone has to 'ride this tiger'. Enter Mr. Cameron & Obama. Not to take charge in any way but stand in the House, weakly trying to assure that this is a one-off circumstance. "Never in the US/UK", must have made the day for the French Head of Security. You could hear paper shuffle, not the Yea's, clapping, the desk-pounding "Rule Britannica" and 'Semper-Fi' eagerness. Hoo-rah! But isn't it wonderful to be secure AND prosperous? All in favor of making these two answer assigned phones, from the poverty stricken, homeless and hungry, raise hand. I may have some coin in my pocket today for pizza supper. But feel secure? This is a major attempt to BE CALM, like its almost doctrine. Security is a luxury that maybe 20% of the citizens of either country enjoy. I would like to see them in my downtown, no guards, no secret service, no armored vehicles, no weapons. OK OK you Liberals, they can either have a shovel or a blade, a Bible or a dictionary. All they have to do is escape/evade staying in one piece 30 miles to the airport.

But I digress. Back to the French slaughter. Victims had parents, or children, family, friends. Perhaps a few were aware of Islam, but they knew their countries leaders would do everything if challenged. But all we see is compromise, defeatism, pay-outs, sell-outs, deceit, a weak immigration policy, inept security border force letting anyone in. Articles in the press stated the government knew of the criminal behavior on one and had a big file on him and the other. Why didn't border patrol find those weapons? And explosives no less? Why didn't Le Monde or Le Figaro track down those leads? Where were MI6 or 5 or the Yard? A couple of hundred thousand police between the two, and they are too too busy? And Kerry has sympathies elsewhere, he didn't even show. He says, "That's problem for Brussels (EU headquarters)". I say, "Help the EU out finding this demonic army. Then get to work on NEW rules for foreigners, either they abide, or get a free flight to Mosel.

Unfortunately Cameron and Obama has missed the train. It's packed full of stone-worshiping, kill ya in an instant types. Muslims will betray, lie, murder a child, rape and execute a woman, an informant, most likely a felon, take no thought to cut off a hand or foot, for that matter, your head.

Islam is not a religion. It is a methodology to train for war. So whoever we appoint, a Sheriff or a Marshall, he's going to have to change outlook at a moment's notice. No hesitation. No mercy. Yes harsh, but will you surrender? Can YOU lead? I think you will be surprised at THAT voter turnout.

Here is the link for Heckle and Jeckle: HERE

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