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Tuesday 7 February 2012

ArcGIS 10 - Find Route tutorial

The Find Route dialog box allows you to calculate point-to-point multistop routes in ArcMap using a variety of options to affect and display the results. You can calculate the quickest or shortest route, specify network restrictions to exclude certain road types from the route, define network barriers to exclude specific road segments from the route, optimize the stop order to find the most efficient route, and modify the speeds of certain road types to simulate real-world driving conditions. You can also make the route time-aware by defining a trip start time. This enables additional data-dependent functionality such as time-based turn restrictions and integration of real-time and historic traffic information into the route calculation.

The Find Route tutorial (2 parts) introduces you to the Find Route dialog box and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the route-finding functionality that it offers.

Exercise 1: Finding a route with a file-based network dataset
Exercise 2: Finding a route with an ArcGIS Online routing service

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