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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Your Camera is Obsolete - Big Time

I first caught a brief look in Popular Science a while back and didn't think much more about it, it was designed primarily for commercial purposes and the consumer would not be affected too much. However, a German company, Raytrix Gmbh, has rolled out an entire line of this technology in their cameras for the consumer. And what is all the hype? These are 3-4D plenoptic or light field cameras. For all its virtues, digital photography has yet to correct one age-old weakness: If you blow the focus, you’ve most likely lost the shot. But with a plenoptic camera, you can capture the image with multiple focal settings in one snap, so users can refocus after the fact. It accomplishes this by utilizing about 40,000 sensors in it's sensor array.
The fact that  you can edit in post-processing is a big issue for graphic designers, and the software allows for editing of the RAW image. To quote the site, "Forget about flat 2D images with fixed focus which can not be changed after the fact. Raytrix offers you a brandnew enabling technology: digital cameras with 4D lightfield image-sensors. Using the new R11-camera you have full control in digital post processing of the perspective and focus setting of your pictures you have already taken. Also a 3D reconstruction of the original scene is possible. The difference of the new Raytrix-cameras compared to standard cameras consists of the modified image-sensor (CCD or CMOS) and a special software package, by which you can interprete and modifiy your pictures in realtime afterwards."

The downside? The entry level model is $30K. 

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