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Saturday 4 February 2012

How to Create a QR Code for Your Business Card

I've been asked a couple of times how to do this, so time for a post.

So it is time to order new business cards. You have read about how QR codes are a great marketing tool for your business. You have seen unique uses of QR codes all around the internet and around town. You have decided, it is time you put a QR code onto your business card. I will now show you how you can easily do this yourself and not have to pay a fortune to have it done by a printer or GA.

Why Should I Put a QR Code On My Business Card?

Why shouldn’t you? The QR code can contain all of your important contact details in one small image that is "scan-able" by most smart phones. When you hand someone your business card, they may keep it, or like most people they will stick it in their pocket and wash it in their next load of laundry. By adding a QR code, you will encourage this person to scan your QR code on your business card with their phone and instantly be able to add you and all your information to their Contacts. After this, you could care less what they do with your business card since you know they have your information safely stored away.

Another great reason to place a QR code on your business card is for the perfect ice breaker. Often, when you hand someone your business card, they almost always look at it with you standing right in front of them. With a QR code, you may get asked the question, “what is this funny looking icon?” This is the perfect timing to explain to them exactly what it is, even whip out your phone and demonstrate it. That person will now walk away with your card in hand and remember who you were.

Many different business are using QR codes on their business cards. Check out these cool 21 examples of QR code business cards for design ideas and to see how other businesses are using QR codes on their business cards. But these are $$$.

How You Can Easily Create a QR Code Business Card at Home

If you are ready to create a QR, I am sure you have found printing companies that “specialize” in QR code business cards, for a “small” fee. There is no need to pay that fee, as it is quick, simple and painless to create your own.

Step 1: Navigate to: http://goqr.me/ and click on vCard.

Step 2: Enter all (or some) your information into the text boxes.

Step 3: Change the size to 500px

Step 4: Click Download

Now you have the QR code saved to your computer hard drive. I would recommend that you do a quick test scan to make sure it is correct and works for your phone.

Be Aware

My results varied when I tried to adjust the aspect ratio of the card. Irfanview did not resize properly so I stayed with the 500x500 resolution. Also, if you are printing your own, don't even try with an inkjet printer. I had to set my laser to a minimum of 600 dpi before my 5.0MP smart phone recognized all the info correctly.

Also, the fields are basically guidelines. I was able to insert other information sucessfully, i.e., moved "firstname lastname" into one field, which gave me an extra field to enter something new.

For a little more fun, you can always click the “Advanced” button to experiment with your QR code. You can change the colors and adjust the margins. Just make sure you TEST the image before printing!

Most importantly, keep the default PNG format when saving the file. All printers can handle that format, and it will not deteriorate over time like a JPG.

Way cool.

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